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How will we face the New Year

As a new year unfolds there are some of us who are looking ahead with a degree of nervousness as to what it may hold; others of us have an enthusiastic anticipation for what new challenges may lie ahead. Whatever the view, it is a new year, and one that is to be embraced to [...]

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Support helps team keep standing

As I write this for the last time for 2010 I am reflecting back and remembering the different experiences of the year. Many will know that this year was a difficult one for the True Colours team as we faced our own grief, loss and health issues. Due to the smallness of the team this [...]

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Long Lunch fundraiser was an awesome event

We have just had our major fundraiser for the year which will help sustain the organisation and allow us to continue to deliver the quality care required for children and families. This is crucial as True Colours receives no direct government funding. The True Colours Long Lunch was Annah Stretton's inspiration as she saw the [...]

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We all want our voice heard

People leave permanent imprints on our lives, each individual has value, and in the process of caring for sick children and their families I marry the understanding of my own experiences with those of the people I care for. This enriches my vision of all that is difficult and all that is worthwhile in life. [...]

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“Making sense gives meaning to the experience”

As I consider the adversity that many of the True Colours families face on a day to day basis I am left reflecting on the word 'hope'. Some of us are particularly good at finding the silver lining in a cloud and others of us find it hard to see the point or relevance in [...]

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“Seen, heard and understood”

When children say to me "it's not fair" when they can no longer jump on a trampoline or ride their bike as they used to with their brothers and sisters because of their illness, it is hard to hear. They are right. Life is not fair; particularly if these illnesses are life-limiting and if they [...]

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Extra vigilance is exhausting for parents

As winter is here I am aware this is a time for families to be extra vigilant in regard to protecting their children from the many virus's and bacterial infections that are more prevalent at this time of the year. Protection of children who are already living with compromised health needs becomes the high priority [...]

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Illness and loss have huge impact on team

It has been a tough month for the True Colours team! As an organisation we support families in relation to illness of a child. We recognise the impact illness and grief have on all members of the family and those close to them. Over this last month our own team has experienced, and is, experiencing critical [...]

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“The greatest treasure”

I attended an unveiling in the weekend of a child that True Colours had supported. The presence of Aroha and Wairura were strong as we remembered this child's life and the inspiration that continues to influence us as we take time to reflect. The family/whanau came together to support one another in this intense time [...]

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Children require honesty

Family centred care is essential when caring for a sick child. The impact of illness touches everyone therefore the family is the unit of care rather than the child being separated out without consideration of the whole family. It is important to remember that parents should be recognized as being experts as far as their [...]

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