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Huge generosity makes True Colours Long Lunch a great success

Last week the annual fundraiser the 'True Colours Long Lunch' was held at the Narrows Landing. It was a great success with feedback from those who attended that is was a hugely enjoyable day. True Colours has been reliant on this fundraiser providing funds to continue the valued work of supporting seriously ill children and [...]

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Challenge to gain sufficient funding to continue service

As we enter the beginning of October, I realise it is only a month away from the True Colours Long Lunch fundraiser on 1 November, Melbourne Cup Day. It is always a major event that many people enjoy and it is our main fundraiser of the year. There is a lot of preparation that goes [...]

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Staying resilient in the face of chronic illness

When we are faced with the unexpected in our lives, what do we do to keep some form of balance when everything around us no longer feels the same? Every day I meet with people who are faced with trying to make meaning out of the unforeseen circumstances they are experiencing. Life is full of [...]

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Facing the challenge of Winter

Winter can be so isolating for families who live with children with compromised health needs. There are many viruses and bacterial infections that can put the children at risk of a life-threatening event. While many of the children who live with chronic and long term health conditions may be hospitalised over this winter season, there [...]

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Parents expertise develops through necessity, not choice

I have just been reading an article called "The symptom profile and experience of children with rare life-limiting illnesses: Perspectives of their families and key health professionals" (Forbat, Malcolm, Anderson, Adams, Gibson, Hain & Morley, 2011). As I read it I am thinking of the many children and families I have cared for over the [...]

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Children’s rights in healthcare

As I continue with my PhD study, I am motivated to keep questioning, challenging and exploring the health care that is currently available. I have dedicated the last decade to 'listening to the voice of the child' and have felt driven to make sure that the children and young people receiving support from True Colours [...]

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“There is nothing safe about this life”

It appears that the world has turned a little crazy; it is frightening to turn on the radio or TV as we brace ourselves for more bad news. As we continue to think of the people of Christchurch and now Japan I want us to remember the tragedies that may go undetected. While attending a [...]

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Our hearts reach out to Christchurch

Our hearts are heavy as we think of the Christchurch people and the devastation and grief that have entered their lives in an earth shattering moment, changing their circumstances forever. We know and understand about resiliency, strength and courage and it is something I speak of a lot as I see this daily in those [...]

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How will we face the New Year

As a new year unfolds there are some of us who are looking ahead with a degree of nervousness as to what it may hold; others of us have an enthusiastic anticipation for what new challenges may lie ahead. Whatever the view, it is a new year, and one that is to be embraced to [...]

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Support helps team keep standing

As I write this for the last time for 2010 I am reflecting back and remembering the different experiences of the year. Many will know that this year was a difficult one for the True Colours team as we faced our own grief, loss and health issues. Due to the smallness of the team this [...]

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